Welcome to College Squad!

College Squad is a group of College Students trying to love the Lord the best they can through fellowship, prayer, and community.  If you're currently in College or recently out of College please join us!  We do a lot of events over the summer and would love if any incoming freshman and up would join us for them!  Check back here often to stay up to date with what we're doing here at College Squad!

Christmas Break!

Stars Game- This is a free event for you!  However, the parking fee and the ability to get to the American Airlines Center is your responsibility.  A group will leave from the Church at 6:15pm if you would like to follow others to the AAC.  Tickets- We do have a limited amount of tickets so it's first come first serve.  If you would like a ticket you must reserve your tickets by December 16th (to find out how to reserve keep reading)! Your tickets need to be picked up from Joseph prior to arriving at the game.  Joseph will be at the Church on the 20th prior to the game if you'd like to pick it up then.  To reserve your ticket text or email your first and last name and how many tickets to Joseph at jbarringhaus@sfatx.org or 817-203-4489.

Bible Study and Dinner- We will be doing our Bible Study as normal but we're adding fellowship after during Christmas Break.  Father Flynn is going to cook for us and have us over for dinner after the first Bible Study and for the second Bible Study we will go to Chilis!  We hope you can make both of these nights! If you cannot make it to Bible Study but still would like to come to dinner text Joseph for the address at 817-203-4489. Chilis Address: 800 TX-114 Grapevine, TX 76051

Daily Mass & Breakfast- Come join your fellow College Students for Mass followed by Father Flynn and/or Joseph taking you out to Breakfast!  We hope you'll join us for this time of Worship and Fellowship!

Please don't hesitate to invite your friends to any of these events.  If you're in college currently or just recently out please join us, we'd love to meet you!