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Team-Family - we’re more than just a team hear at St. Francis, we’re a family in Christ here to love God and one another. In a special way, we model for the teens what true christ-centered community can look like.

Real Time Prayer - Instead of promising to pray for someone later, we offer to pray with that person in the moment.

Contagious Commitment - We care so deeply about the mission of the Church that everything we do is done with a love and joy so radiant it is contagious. 

Dream Bigger - We’re not afraid to dream BIG when it comes to what God can do here in Grapevine through our faith in Him.

HEAR MESSAGE FOR CORE TEAM (Below): Short message for Core Team as we prepare for another year of ministry. "God has not called me to be successful; He has called me to be faithful.” - Saint Teresa of Calcutta

How-To Evangelize - Check out this solid packet on how to invite someone to accept the Gospel. 

5 Tips on HOW TO SMALL GROUP (Handout from Core Training: 10/10/17)

Formed Log In-  Formed is an online resource that we use occasionally here at St. Francis.  They have some awesome videos that help teach the faith and how to explain different aspects of the Church.  You will have to create an account once on the site and use our parish code, 4cb54e, to gain access.  

Forming Intentional Disciples- This is a book, which we have attached the link on amazon.  This book will help us understand how can we transmit a living, personal Catholic faith to future generations.  This book helps us do this by coming to know Jesus Christ, and following him as his disciples.

How to give a witness (personal testimony)- While we got on hand practice with giving our testimony, we can never practice it enough.  Our witness is often what makes the difference between reaching one of our teens and them ignoring us.  This sheet helps walk us through what to say, how to word the witness, and more.

The Kerygma (Basic Gospel Message)- The Kerygma, is the basic Gospel message.  It's broken down into four distinct points.  This sheet attached tells you the four points, shows you where to find the proof in the Catechism, and where to read more on it in the Bible.  The Kerygma is a very useful tool for answering some of the most basic questions our teens have for us.

Small Group Tips- One of the most challenging and also most impactful parts of our nights and retreats, is small group.  Your small group is very unique, no group is anything alike.  With that being said, we want to help you the best we can.  This file walks you through what to do in those difficult small group moments and in the great moments.  In my opinion, this is a must read for all of our leaders.

Discipleship Roadmap- Our mission at Saint Francis of Assisi is very clear, making Missionary Disciples (Mission Statement Breakdown).  This isn't always an easy thing for us to do.  This document helps us acknowledge where our small group is at and where we can go with them.  

Catechesi Tradendae (link)- This is a piece written by Saint John Paul II on Catechesis In Our Time.  Catechesis is a word that I often hear confusion over.  Basically, we are the teachers or Catechists.  It's our job to teach the youth about the love Jesus Christ has for them.  This is a very hard thing for us to do when the world does the opposite.  If you get a chance, take a look at what Saint John Paul II has to say about Catechesis In Our Time.

Redemptoris Missio (link)- Saint John Paul II in this Encyclical goes into the importance of being a missionary.  As I hope you all know, you're being a missionary right now as a member of this Core Team.  Saint John Paul II goes into depth on the necessity of being a missionary in our daily life.  If you get a free moment I encourage you to read this Encyclical or even little parts of it.