HSYC CORE TEAM 2017 - 2018

Below you'll find series/night outlines as well as series handouts. 


Upcoming Series

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Hitting Refresh on the Past – Sept. 17
Hitting Refresh on Your Reputation – Sept. 24
Hitting Refresh on Your Relationships – Oct. 1
How Do We Do Technology & Faith? – Oct. 15

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

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Feeling Overwhelmed  – Oct. 29
Overwhelmed by God – Nov. 5
Overwhelmed on Purpose – Nov. 12
Helping Depression and Suicide – Nov. 19

Life, school, friends, family, work, relationships, struggles - all these things can overwhelm us. Are we just doomed to feel overwhelmed forever? Is overwhelm just a fact of life? This series will explore God's plan for the overwhelmed. 

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Without a Doubt – Dec. 3
Without a Doubt – Dec. 10
Without a Doubt – Dec. 17

Have you ever struggled with doubt? Do you have a lot of doubts about the faith? This series we'll explore the doubts and learn that going through doubt doesn't make us bad, but can make our faith stronger.

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Vital – Jan. 7
Vital – Jan. 14
Vital – Jan. 21
XLT Night of Worship – Jan. 28

What is one of the most vital but often the most overlooked aspects of our life as followers of Jesus Christ? 


Find Your Place – Feb. 11
Find Your Place – Feb. 18
Find Your Place – Feb. 25
What's My Place in Life? – Mar. 4

Ever felt out of place? It can be one of the worst feelings in the world. In this series we'll help you find your place: in the world, in your Church, and with your peers.


What If? – April 8
What If? – April 15
What If? – April 22

What if you were more powerful than you ever imagined? What if you were called to do great things? What if God had an incredible plan for you to impact and change the world?