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How to Start Meeting with your Teens:

The DGroup Leader will need to accomplish the following tasks in order to begin meeting with their DGroup:

  1. Pick a Play: Select a Discipleship resource (that has been approved by Edmund/Tim) to unpack and journey through with the teens.

  2. Partner with Parents: DGroup Leader(s) should introduce themselves, the story of how the DGroup formed, and share which resource(s) will be used. DGroup Leaders are encouraged to invite parents to show their support for the group by offering to host a DGroup meeting(s) in their home.


3. Communicate: Once a location is set for the meeting(s), communicate the details to the parents & teens. Notify them that the DGroup will commit to 7 weeks, and then pause to reevaluate the direction of the DGroup. All changes, meeting times & locations must always be communicated to teens, parents, & SFA Staff.

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What a DGroup is:

  • A Discipleship group is a group of teens who have each (individually & intentionally) decided to give their lives to Jesus and follow Him. Young Church events exist to facilitate these faith commitment-points. DGroup is where they then go to mature in faith.

  • A Discipleship Group is made up of 2 adults and 5-10 teens who are the same gender - preferably the same grade as well.

  • A Discipleship Group forms naturally and organically, flowing from the initiative of teens who want to grow intentionally as disciples. Dgroups can flow from a Young Church event, trip, and/or friend group.

What a DGroup is NOT:

  • A Discipleship group is NOT a place for teens who do not want to grow in their faith. Teens who oppose the Church or are being forced to get involved are encouraged to attend Young Church (large group) events.

  • A Discipleship Group is NOT a clique. If a new teen has a life changing encounter with God and makes the bold step of joining a particular discipleship group, the current teens and group leader(s) of that group must welcome him or her with joy and radical hospitality.

  • A Discipleship Group is NOT a place reserved for the perfect, nor is involvement a reason to boast. It is a place for teens who are joyfully engaging on the battlefield of faith to overcome sin and do so with fellow disciples who desire to glorify God, not themselves.