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AFTER YOU REGISTER, the next step is for Middle School teen(s) to sign up for a small group of their choice. That’s right, we place the small group selection process in the hands of the youth and family so everyone is empowered to find a group they will look forward to being a part of each week. Having a small group is also a great way for teens to build new friendships and connect with their Small Group Leader. One of the most important aspects of our ministry is the relationships that are built in these small groups.

Teens & families have until October 1 to register for a group online.


STEP 1: Click on the button below and sign-up for a Small Group (Teens must join a group that is the same grade and gender). Follow the instructions as there are a couple of steps required after you enter a slot to confirm your registration.

STEP 2: Tell your friends or people that you would like to be in a small group with to go sign-up for the same group! (Or you can talk with your friends first to pick a group number before Step 1.) Youth need to register for the coming year of MSYC to be able to register for a small group!

IF A GROUP YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE IN IS FULL, try to find other friends to start a new group. Maybe some can switch to a new group to divide a group of friends up into two groups. If you can't get it worked out, let us know. We want everyone to be in a group that they will enjoy.

IF YOU DON'T KNOW ANYONE IN THE GROUP, that's okay!  Just pick a group with available spots that is your grade and gender. Small Groups are a great way to make friends! Let us know if you need help finding a group.

If you have and questions or trouble signing up, please feel free to contact the Middle School Minister Tim Jara at